Cum In Me Daddy


When 2 Daughters Have An Insatiable Desire For Daddys Seed There’s No Telling What Might Happen.

Dear Diary: I don’t know what it is but lately I’ve been craving Daddy’s seed. I love the way it feels when he cums deep inside me and the risk of getting pregnant. Tonight I was feeling extra frisky so I dressed in my sexy lingerie and left Daddy a note to meet me in the basement. When Daddy came in he looked me up and down before sitting next to me. We started talking and I rubbed my shoes on his crouch as a subtle hint. Daddy took off my shoes and played with my feet a bit then things got wild. I started sucking Daddy’s cock while he fingered me to an explosive orgasm. After I came I just had to feel him inside me so I straddled him and rode him hard. After a while Daddy took control and fucked me until I begged him to cum inside me. Of course he gave me just what I wanted and left me so full of his seed I’m sure to wind up pregnant soon! Strangely enough the next day I walked in on Daddy fucking my sister. Luckily I caught them before Daddy came in her. She’s gonna have to learn who Daddy’s seed belongs to….. ME!!!!!!!! Xo Zoey

Akira Shell,JW Ties,Penelope Reed,Zoey Carter Porn Movies 2016 Desperate Pleasures 18+ Teens,All Sex,Amateur,Creampie,Cumshots,Erotic Vignette,Family Roleplay,Older Men

Release Year: 2016

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