Double Down Romanian Anal


Double Down Romanian Anal

We are excited to bring you one of our favorites nowadays, the gorgeous Romanian Nelly Kent.

This girl was in the bedroom wearing her favorite one piece black lingerie and her purple boots.

She always wear this skimpy getup always at night and glad to see her wearing this on her latest

video. This horny chick wouldnt waste time and wanted to please her viewers. She wanted to warm

up her pussy by reaching it out with her hands.

Nelly Kent just continued on playing with her pussy and her lovely tits with both of her hands. Just

like that she can set the mood for the action later. One thing we notice is that she definitely enjoying

herself. But being a temptress as she is, she pause for a while and try to present her perfect body in

front of the camera. She started to give us a glimpse of her fine butt before showing off her natural

boobies. She seductively plays and grope it with both of her hands before she started to reach out

into her bottom. Love to see her all naked up there and you can see some of her scripture tattoos

on her sexy body.

Next scene you will be able to enjoy the view as she decided to remove her black lingerie

altogether. Besides her wonderful butt, she started to pose in a doggystyle position as she started

to reveal her shaved cunt. Nelly Kent couldnt stop pleasuring herself with her fingers. We know she

couldnt wait for her next scene. She was about to partner up with not one but two lucky studs. One

thing youll notice from this babe is that she is fond of using sex toys. She decided to use her largest

dildo and started poking and fucking her pussy down there. But wait there is more, she also started

to use it inside her asshole. She definitely can rise up her notch with her work here.

Next scene we just got caught off guard as we didnt expect the appearance of gloryholes. Not one

but two galleries and Nelly Kent approaches these two hard cocks. She started giving a wild blowjob

one after another while her other hand is busy jerking the other dick. You can see that Nelly got the

skills on pleasuring those cocks with her mouth as both easily got hard. She finally pose into the

doggy position and inserted her pussy on that big cock. Fucking Nelly Kent in doggystyle is

definitely a great thing to watch as we got a view of her sexy body and her natural tits not to

mention hearing her loud moans.

With no effort she transferred from one cock to another and this time she was in the standing

position. You can see her slender naked body as she is making the effort to devour that cock deep

inside her pussy. These two men hiding in the gloryhole proceed on revealing themselves. We cant

blame them, Nelly Kent was too hot to handle. They finally started the threesome action and all

know Nelly wants to get busy as she got nailed hard in doggystyle position. She does that while

sucking the other cock like a hungry whore. The guy fucking her proceed on shifting into the another

hole, her gaping hole.

She admitted before she easily gets her multiple orgasms fucking her on her ass. You can see and

hear it evidently just by looking at her pussy. After the doggystyle position they proceeded on

screwing her in reverse cowgirl. Finally we got to see her luscious privates while she is busy

pumping her hips on that thick cock.

Afterwards is the main event and that is banging her in both her holes ala double penetration. You

will get amaze that she can handle both these huge cocks at the same time. You can hear her

asshole already wet with some rough fucking and the guys dont have plans to stop. They wanted

her to reach her maximum orgasms, breaking her record. We didnt know how many it is but

judging on this video it is pretty much reachable at this point.

The deep penetration scene has come to an end and it is time to finish this threesome hardcore

video with a bang. Nelly Kent started to kneel in the middle of these jerking dudes, begging for them

to cum into her pretty face. Both sprayed their huge amount of jizz all over her face and her lips. It

was a little bit of a messy but seeing Nelly Kent getting her own version of bukkake is so satisfying.

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Pornstars: Nelly Kent
Release Year: 2021
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