Lesbian Sex Romp


Lesbian Sex RompWomen need men like fish need bicycles, as the old adage goes; and that’s certainly the feeling you get here, as a collection of gorgeous lesbians abandon any notion they ever had of getting sexual pleasure from the opposite sex, in favour of an all-female romp that will have fans of the genre wanking like fury. Take it from us, there’s not so much as a single cock in sight for these bitches; but that doesn’t prevent them from bringing each other off like never before, courtesy of an array of toys, tongues, fingers, and whatever else they can lay their hands on. Believe us when we tell you that these beauties literally don’t know when to stop; and neither will you, as you wank yourself to heaven and back courtesy of these sweet sluts.

Release Year: 2024
Duration: 3 hrs. 8 mins.