Rocco’s Game Of Whores


Rocco’s Game Of Whores
“‘Rocco’s Game of Whores’ is definately the biggest feature for me this year. And I have to say, unfortunately the last movie my cousin Gabriele worked on.

“This movie’s idea came with a new star who arrived from Italy, Martina Smeraldi. Gabriele and I thought to make a challenge, like she challenges the most expert Italian star Malena. Even though Martina is only 19, she couldn’t be less than Malena on whatever would be the challenge. I think it’s a really good movie, very well done, with a story and a lot of interesting hard sex with very good cinematography. The movie is actually a trip that three girls, Malena, Martina and Anna de Ville, go through mostly together. Martina and Malena are in all the scenes; Anna is with them in two scenes. I don’t have a favorite scene because all of them are spectacular and very, very unique. Probrably the most unique is the milk scene It starts with a three-way between the girls in front of Mike Angelo; he plays some kind of crazy character.

“After all, I think this movie is really different from the other movies I’ve made. There’s a lot of Gabriele’s vision in it, epspecially the way he dressed up the people and the way he created the scenario. We’ll miss him very much”

-Rocco Siffredi

Ana Rock,Anna De Ville,Charlie Dean,Kristof Cale,Lutro,Malena,Martina Smeraldi,Mike Angelo,Rocco Siffredi,Vince Carter / Evil Angel / 18+ Teens,Anal,BDSM,Brunettes,Clowns,Collars,Cosplay,Double Penetration,Feature,Leashes,Orgy,Sex Toy Play,Threesomes / 2020

Release Year: 2020
Studio: Evil Angel