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Running Mates


Finding the resolve to keep fit can be hard at times, especially when you`re going solo. The solution? Find yourself a running mate someone who can go the pace with you or even push you to another level. And if they`re willing to suck cock and fuck ass three-times daily (or more), so much the better! In fact, screw the conventional exercises as the likes of Carl Ross, Sven Laarson and Yuri Adamov are only too eager to demonstrate, when it comes to maintaining fitness levels there`s nothing better than a good old-fashioned fuck-and-run! So grab hold of your starting gun, guys, and prepare for the race of your life …

Carl Ross,Florian Mraz,Harry Vakker,Jaro Stone,Sven Laarson,Yuri Adamov / SAUVAGE / / 2015

Release Year: 2015