Sex Twerker: Jewelz Blu


Sex Twerker: Jewelz Blu. “Sex Twerker” is a celebration of sex workers who share themselves with fans in such an intimate way. This scene begins with a monologue where Jewelz tells you what it means to her to be a sex worker, what she likes to do in scenes, and what her hopes are for the future of porn. The scene then progresses into a beautifully intimate encounter between Jewelz and Laz, beginning with a tension-filled moment before the two first touch. During the scene, Jewelz is clearly enjoying herself as she twerks on Laz’s cock in various positions.. In our company’s transition away from role-play storytelling to telling the story of people connecting, we created ‘Sex Twerker.’ We begin with a voice-over to reveal a cinematic truth: we are filming REAL people. We are confronting the reality that porn performers are not always seen as real people. We then transition to direct cinema, where viewers can lose themselves in what proves to be a very hot scene..

Pornstars: Jewelz Blu, Laz Fyre
Release Year: 2021
Studio: House of Fyre